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Discover a nurturing work environment at Solihull Council, where our valued team members thrive. There are many benefits to working for us, a supportive working environment, generous leave allowance, flexible working, and ongoing personal development are just the beginning of the list.  

We understand that the more support you receive from us the better equipped you are to do your job, fulfil our mission and help those who need it most. 


As part of our commitment to your wellbeing, we provide a generous benefits package, including competitive salaries that reflect your dedication and a strong emphasis on staff happiness and health. Join us and experience a workplace that truly cares about you.

Salaries and Benefits

  • Join us and earn one of the highest salaries in the region. In a recent independent analysis of pay data across the West Midlands comparing Solihull Council's maximum grade salaries to 13 other local authorities, we were proud to learn that our offering is in the top three for both Social Worker and Senior Social worker.

  • As an employee you will have access to a local government pension scheme, staff discount and health and well-being schemes, salary sacrifice schemes and contribution to mileage costs.

Flexible working

  • We offer a hybrid approach to flexible working and understand the importance of balancing your personal and professional commitments. 

  • Accumulate an additional 24 days of leave each year through our flexible working agreement.

  • We know the personal investment of time and effort that goes into being a social worker. We offer our workers 25 days of annual leave, along with bank holidays, to recharge and spend quality time with loved ones. Your entitlement increases to 30 days after five years of dedicated service. We value work-life balance and offer you the flexibility to purchase up to 10 extra days of leave each year, giving you more YOU time.


  • At Solihull Council, we offer strong management support from day one. 

  • We value open communication and believe in the power of regular one-to-one meetings to foster growth and development. These sessions serve as an opportunity to have meaningful discussions, share feedback, and align goals, all of which contribute to our end-of-year appraisal scheme. 

  • Our appraisal process focuses on recognising and rewarding satisfactory performance and behaviours that meet our high standards, ensuring a supportive and nurturing work environment.

  • Your dedicated Advanced Practitioner will provide personalised supervision and development for your first 2-3 years. Alongside mandatory training you can enjoy group sessions and tailored learning.

  • Experienced social workers can advance to senior, managerial, or specialised roles within our Service.

"I love the diverse and inclusive environment here. The support we get is amazing, and it feels like a big, caring community within our children’s services teams.”


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