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Training and development 

Your personal development journey with us 

Helping you develop your career and skills is incredibly important to us. From newly qualified to experienced social workers, we offer a clear pathway to senior and management positions, tailored to your career aspirations. The more you can grow your skills, the better you can help young people in the local area. 


When you join our team, we’ll work with you to develop your own customised Personal Development Plan. This is the first step on your development journey with us. It’s a great way to direct your areas of interest and grow the way you want.

Ongoing learning

We are committed to nurturing the continuous growth and professional development of our practitioners, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge they need to make a positive impact in their work. Our Children's Social Care Academy delivers a wide range of in-person and online training to cater to different learning styles across all roles. 


You’ll be paired with a dedicated Advanced Practitioner. They can provide personalised supervision and development for your first 2-3 years. Enjoy group sessions, tailored learning, and mandatory training, while experienced social workers can advance to senior, managerial, or specialised roles within our Service.

"I love the diverse and inclusive environment here. The support we get is amazing, and it feels like a big, caring community within our children’s services teams"


We're on a journey with you

Your personal development and learning journey doesn't stop when you join our team. Whatever role or level of responsibility you undertake, you will be part of our ongoing learning and development programme within Children’s and Young People’s services.

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