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Our leadership team

Welcome from Pete Campbell, Director of Children's Services

Thank you for considering a career with Solihull Council.

As director of children’s services, I am proud to lead such a committed and dedicated team that
really cares about improving outcomes for children and families in Solihull.

I am delighted that you are exploring opportunities to progress your career in children’s services
here in Solihull.


Recent years have been a particular challenge for our service - the disruption of the pandemic, changes in key staff, a disappointing outcome from Ofsted inspections and safeguarding episodes of national interest. These challenges have forced us to ‘re-set’ and create a new vision for the children and families we serve.


We are ambitious to do better. The Council has committed to improving children’s services as
the number one priority, and we also benefit from strong partnerships across the region. Ofsted has
challenged us to ‘place children at the heart of decision making and practice’ and this is what we will
do. We are very positive about the future.  

Our vision is to work in partnership with others to deliver services for children, young people and families so that they receive the right support at the right time and are enabled to thrive in their communities. With inspiring, determined and committed colleagues, we believe we can reach the very highest standards and expectations. We have put new structures in place for you to be able to excel and fulfil your career here. Please look at the current vacancies we have, feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities and you will also be welcome to visit us and see what we offer.

Our social care leadership team

Iona Payne, Assistant Director of Safeguarding at Solihull

Iona Payne

Assistant Director, Safeguarding

Rachael Ward, Assistant Director of Corporate Parenting at Solihull

Rachael Ward

Assistant Director, Corporate Parenting

Carol Douch, Assistant Director of Improvement at Solihull

Carol Douch

Assistant Director, Improvement

Beate Wagner, Director of Children's Services at Solihull

Carol Douch

Assistant Director, Improvement

We provide support, guidance and management to our social care teams, putting the welfare of Solihull’s children, young people and families at the heart of everything we do.

Want to join us? Read on to find out more about the teams we have in Solihull.

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